Base Code: Under the Influence of Language

Season 1: Under the Influence of Language


Humans seem prone to generating ideas that impact the world around us. When individual and collective ideas emerge, what forces determine their impact? BASECODE looks across culture, economics, technology and language to reveal how humans manifest ideas. BASECODE investigates the complex routes between thought and realization, as well as the forces that provoke and shape both.

Season 1 Synopsis

In Season 1, BASECODE examines how humans from different cultures convert ideas, insights and experiences into thought -- and how our minds use language to manifest those thoughts. Research, interviews and live experiments assemble a deeper understanding of the space between thinking and language. BASECODE's 14 episodes illuminate how language developed as a tool, and how it also confines the very ideas it is intended to realize.

About the Host

Harry Riggs is an interim executive and consultant who formulates and implements learning programs for some of world's largest companies in 53 countries. 

Harry graduated from Northwestern University's School of Speech and earned his MFA in directing. In addition to developing and delivering corporate initiatives on 6 continents, Harry has produced numerous commercial film and music projects.


Episode 1: Fake News is Aristotle's Fault

Almost 2,500 years ago, a greek professor defined the rules for establishing Truth. The logic he required for thinking placed ideas and reasoning over facts. By looking at a culture new to deductive reasoning, we investigate how individuals and societies formulate beliefs--often in spite of evidence.

Episode 2. Under the Influence of Language

Diving underneath language to compare thinking across cultures, we examine when and why humans most likely developed language--and  discover how language is not only a tool of the mind, but also shapes the thinking of the individual and the collective thinking of our cultures.

Episode 3. What language does AI speak? We may never know.

Artificial Intelligence will soon replace many functions that required human judgement. AI requires specialized communication, which machines often invent themselves. How will the development of machine language imitate the evolution of human language, and with what results? 

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